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6 thoughts on “Lakewood, Ohio Passes Pit Bull Ban

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  1. Must have been the non-insurance carrying scofflaws promising to move which tipped the scales in favor of a ban!

    Message to Pit Bull Community:


  2. Mary Louise Madigan revealed herself as a Pro-Mauler with her lone dissenting vote.

  3. A big THANK YOU to all those law breaking pit bull owners that showed up for the meeting and called themselves responsible.

    The pit bull’s biggest enemy is not the media conspiracy or the uneducated, hateful victims, its their owners.

  4. Nice! A wave of applause rolling across the town this morning. Just a few mad and pouty faces on the usual drama queens, but here’s to hoping they keep their promise and leave. (Of course they probably won’t, but there’s always hope.)

    Powers for President!

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