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5 thoughts on “Woman, Police Officer Attacked by Pit Bull in D.C.

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  1. And in Indiana, another woman was attacked by her own dog. Sorry people, my sympathies are reserved for those truly deserving of it, horses, goats, people who are minding their business, taking out the trash, riding their bikes weeding their flower bed and checking their mail. People who are attacked by their own dogs, are not on my list.

  2. Great…Another Police Officer on medical leave thanks to the fighting breed fetishists!

    The net drain to society caused by the Pit-Community is incalculable.

  3. I’m with you anonymous, my sympathy for owners attacked by their own pit bulls sort of faded away after 30 or 40. And the story from your Indiana link is becoming a classic: Never aggressive before – raised from a puppy – attending obedience class on weekends. Sounds like they’re doing everything right except for their choice of breed.

    But I’m still infinitely sympathetic for the child victims of the so called “Nanny Dog.” No child ever made the choice of having a nanny dog from the breed responsible for killing more children than all other breeds combined.

    Considering this, I’m at a loss to understand why child protective services placed a 5 year old in a home with a pit bull. The pit bull killed the child. What will CPS say? That they didn’t know pit bulls are dangerous? Outrageous!

  4. I am the unsympathetic anon poster above and I agree with you Doug. Although UNsympathetic to adult pit owners, I am overwhelmed with grief for the children who are attacked by their own family dogs.
    I wish I would have made that clear in the above post, especially in light of the recent tragedy in Texas.

  5. Thank you for this web site. I hope it makes others stop adopting and breeding pit bulls. People need to wake up to the fact that these dogs were specifically created to be killers, and even if lovingly raised they may one day live up to that purpose by mauling or killing an animal or human. Like other "working" and "sporting" breeds, the traits for which they were originally created can show up in any such dog, at any time, even with no special training. For instance, a herding dog or pointer many generations removed from working dogs may demonstrate natural herding or pointing abilities. Likewise, any pit bull can potentially kill.

    Pit bulls are NOT nanny dogs nor safe to keep as pets. They are also difficult to confine because they are escape artists. They dig out or climb over fences or tear holes in the fences. They break chains and barge their way out through doors. Often being large and very muscular, they also escape from owners walking them on leashes.

    Unfortunately, there are pit bulls living in homes to the front and back of mine. One of them has had puppies and the owner seems to be keeping at least one of the puppies. The mother dog often runs loose and has attacked my own dogs multiple times but has luckily not yet caused severe injuries because I can't afford vet bills.

    Having pit bulls living so close is akin to having ticking time bombs surrounding my house.

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