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4 thoughts on “Wanganui Mayor on Pit Bull Lobby 'Intimidate Now' List

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  1. Bwaaaaaaahahahaha! As if any possible destination could give a crap about some pit bull lovin’ loon’s trifling tantrum. Who loses? It sure ain’t Wanganui!

    Hilarious story.

  2. I think I would like to visit Wanganui!

    I have to wonder if this Texas pit nutter took out a lien against her trailer to pay for this trip. Or maybe she has cut back on tattoos?

  3. There’s probably no trip…just say anything, do anything activism by “dog lovers” who fancy dogs bred for killing other dogs.

  4. I wonder if this fighting breed fancier actually beieves she is some type of martyr or is merely feigning indignation?

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