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5 thoughts on “Pit Bull Busts Through Fence Kills Family Poodle

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  1. For every pit bull attack on another dog that makes the news, there are another 100 that don’t. I know of maulings that happened in my town that never got any coverage…dog/dog attacks usually don’t get much coverage, even when they result in serious injury/death of another dog.

    No one wants to talk about the canine victims of pit bulls…they somehow don’t matter. I no longer donate money to the HSUS, or other animal welfare groups I formally supported, because of their disastrous policies on pit bulls. As someone who has witnessed what a pit bull can do to another dog, I find it inexcusable that many humane groups still promote fighting breeds as pets. They were never meant to be pets….they were a breed created by degenerate gamblers for bloodsport; today large numbers of them are still being bred for both human and animal aggression by criminals and dog fighters.

    The idea that the average family is capable of safely securing a dog that is fixated on killing the neighbors dog the same way my Lab is fixated on retrieving tennis balls, is shere lunacy. If humane groups really wanted to stop the suffering of pit bulls, and their canine victims, they would push for BREED SPECIFIC regulations on breeding them.

  2. Another sad pit attack story and awful for the two boys to see their pet murdered by one of these ugly beast. No doubt, the adverse impact on the boys will be a lasting one.

    Slide another family and neighborhood into the anti-pit bull column.


    Watch the 3 and half minute news clip and see a loose pit bull caught on a security camera killing a neighbor’s cat. When reporters respond to pit bull owner’s lovely trailer, you will feast your eyes on the remaining out of control pit bull.

  4. The sad fact is that there is a $40Billion Pet care industry that does not want to be regulated. They will defend Pit Bulls to the death because they believe regulating these dogs begins the slippery slope to other regulations which will affect their bottomline. It is very reminescient of the Tobacco industry years ago.

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