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4 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attacks Visiting Family in Colorado Springs

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  1. “Ooops. Oooops. So sorry… Here, we keep a drum of Betadine and a box of trauma pads handy for these little berzerking episodes. Other than that, welcome to our home!”

    Ah, the life of a pit bull owner is an interesting one.

  2. When shelters are overwhelmed, they tend to euthanize all breeds quicker and in greater numbers, Smith said.

    Just what I suspected. All these pit bulls, sometimes over 50% of shelter populations are pit bulls, are killing more adoptable and safer dogs and giving the people who adopt from shelters less choice. So the pit bull problem claims even more victims, but you will never hear any Animal Rights or anti-BSL group say anything about that.

  3. The irony here is that the owner doesn’t have insurance coverage to cover the medical treatment. Pit Bulls are classified as vicious dogs in their home state of Ohio and the owners must maintain $100K of insurance

  4. Here is another interesting Colorado attack.,0,5282152.story

    “I’ve never mistreated my dogs. They are very spoiled,” said Pisano.

    So much for “It’s all how you raise them”!

    Oh yeah, and in the second link, we find out that the pit owner has an alias and that the person that was taking care of the dogs for jailhouse mama, called the victim to help him becuase he was afraid of the male pit bull.


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