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9 thoughts on “04/28-30/08: Pit Bulls Shot by Police

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  1. Holy Smokes! It’s a shoot-a-pitpalooza out there! Come to think of it, the last time I went through Kansas City, a P.D. unit had the trunk ajar and I could have sworn there was a stack of those ugly things. But I wasn’t convinced; at least not until one of the officers reached over and cranked up ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ by AC/DC, then flashed me a grin. Heck yeah! Now I call that some protecting and serving!

    About the K.C. incinerator, though. It does seem a little insensitive, particularly at a time that we need to be reaching out to North Korea. Kim Jong-Ill and his people are having trouble meeting demand for bosintang. They have a need. We have a problem. Why can’t we be friends?

  2. Let’s see: tasers don’t stop them. You have to shoot them multiple times and that rarely kills them. I have doggie mace but I’ve been told it won’t do me any good if the attacking dog is a pit bull. So if these three things can stop humans and other breeds of dogs but not pit bulls, why are pit bulls allowed to be owned without additional restrictions for safety reasons?

    Another thing that strikes me is people tend to get a dog that suits them. Aggressive people get aggressive dogs, which in turn makes aggressive dogs even less safe. Here’s a great study that shows just what type of people own aggressive dogs:

  3. “The dog owner, Omar Asad, 20, says there is no way [Zeus] attacked in that manner.”

    We get it Omar! De-Nile is just a river! “Pit bulls good. Everyone else is ignorant. Statistics lie. No bad dogs. All in how you raise them.”

    Bah-hahahahahahaha! Idiot!

  4. Well we went over the 100 mark, 105 I think, and I’ll have to get another box of pins to go in my map. I’ll bet we end up over 350 this year. There seems to be alot more pit bulls than I’ve ever seen.

  5. trigger, I really liked the one where the owner had to be tasered. I would have really liked to have seen that.

  6. The net drain on society continues…How much does it cost to have Law Enforcement respond and dispatch these beserkers?!

  7. I talked to our local law enforcement and they said there are to many varibles to give a cost. If no one is hurt they just make a note in the log “one shot fired to put down dog”. The officer is on duty anyway, so no real extra cost unless someone is hurt.

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