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3 thoughts on “West Memphis Police Want to Ban or Limit Pit Bulls

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  1. “Huff allowed animal control to put her dog down and is upset she’s no longer a part of the family.”

    Not too upset though, eh?
    Why should she be. She has a litter of pups to take its place.

  2. Finally…anti-BSL arguments are often centered around the veterinary and dog registry communities stances against it.

    Except for overpopulation and and treatment by the dogfighters, the Pit Bull issue is not a humane or veterinary issue. It is a LAW ENFORCMENT and PUBLIC SAFETY one.

    Vets, dog registries and humane organizations are part of the $40 Billion a year petcare industry. Regulating dogs is not in thier best interest.

    Getting dog safety information from them is like receiving lung cancer information from the tobacco companies. At one time, the tobacco companies actually used doctors to pimp “safe” cigarettes.

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