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7 thoughts on “"Potentially Dangerous Dogs" Roam Freely in Pierce County

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  1. Time for the neighbors to SSS(shoot, shovel, and shut up).

    Where I grew up, the dogs would just quiety disappear…..BEFORE a child was killed, not after.

  2. I’m down with the Triple ‘S’ approach! The problem with trying to go about it the “right way” is that pit owners never seem to hear the fair and friendly request. When a different neighbor is forced to handle it and the dogs go missing, the person who approached them comes under suspicion and suffers retribution in the form or vandalism, etc.

    Lesson learned. Make ‘SSS’ Plan A.

  3. SSS – that’s great! I will be sure to pass it on. People in my town say, “Do we need to dig a hole tonight?” The meaning is understood and shovels are readily available.

  4. I was told by a person at the animal control that if a dangerous dog is off their yard and near you, you can kill it and not have any legal problems because the dog was not on their own yard.

    My grandson was bitten by a pitbull on the back of his head after the dog knocked him to the ground.

    He was taken to the ER and will have scars for the rest of his life on the back of his head. Thank GOD that his hair covers the scars.

    Several of the people in our neighborhood wrote affidavits to the animal control after being told doing so would help them (animal control) in court to prosecute the owners and have the dog removed.

    I got a call today telling me that they will not remove the animal because there’s only been ONE complaint (even though we sent the other 6 complaints of different incidents from our neighbors, in the SAME envelope) and they won’t do anything and we can’t take them (the owners) to court because the dog was in his own yard and on a chain when my grandson went to pet the dog.

    The owners allowed my grandson to enter their yard to play with their son and never told him to stay away from their dog. My 6 yr. old grandson didn’t know the dog was dangerous and went to pet it.

    We didn’t know the dog was in their yard and accessable to the children or we would not have let them go play at that house. We thought the dog would have at least been in their back yard on a chain IF it were chained up.

    This dog has attacked other animals in the neighborhood, cornered other people and done some really crappy things and he gets to stay with the owner and the owner has NO CONSEQUENCES whatsoever!

    Why? Because no one complained about anything else until now. What a CROCK!

    It really REALLY makes me mad that our children in the neighborhood now have to be constantly worrying about being bitten by this dog and no one does anything!

    Why should the children in our neighborhood be made to stay in their own yard if it’s fenced or in their house, trapped and unable to leave it because a DOG who is dangerous is allowed to roam free if the owners let it or the animal can’t be control and is constantly escaping?

    These “laws” are a joke in my opinion! If you have to deal with this kind of thing with the animals that have already attacked and nearly killed a child and NO ONE does anything why even make the freeking laws??!! Why should someone have to DIE before they do anything???!!

    Sorry, I’m still just in shock that nothing can be done about such an animal and lives have to be put in danger and nothing can be done. I just can’t beleive this is happening right now. ๐Ÿ™

  5. I was the one who posted the last comment in which I described the situation with my grandson getting bitten by a pit bull dog.

    I didn’t realize just how many other people have problems with dogs and laws.

    I am just appauled that dogs have “rights” and can get away with biting a human in the first place in an unprovoked situation.

    It really makes me sick too how a dog’s life and preservation seems to be more important than a human life.

    People get put in jail, fined, and punished for abusing a dog (or other animals) but if a dog bites someone like the one that bit my grandson, they get “more chances”. It makes no sense.

    I have pictures of my grandson’s bites right after it happened and when he’d gotten out or the ER. Is there any way I can post those to show what this dog did to my grandson?

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