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12 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attacks, Seriously Injures Woman in Charlotte, NC

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  1. According to Pit Bull safety experts, explosive dog aggression is a perfectly natural and manageable trait. Yet…time after time we see other dogs owners get mauled during a routine dog walk, in their own back yards and occasionally in the sanctuary of their own homes.

    Regulate NOW!!!

  2. Exactly. Pit bulls attack in a very circular motion just like a chainsaw…their jaws lock onto the legs and their teeth actually spin around in their mouth just like a chain saw…

  3. Another plea for translation assistance:

    “If any one of you knew how to raise a non-fighting, cared for pit bull you would have sense about the breed. It is the OWNERS NOT THE DOGS themselves! And yes,before anyone says “you haven’t been bitted by a pitbull”, yes I have and the dog was mine. The dog didn’t mean to bite me. Did I get mad at the dog…NO. They are a provoked breed or one that is not raised properly. Any dog can be a biter if handled to be so. Check the bite stats of other breeds.

    REGULATE the OWNERS….(duh)…

    Concerned Charlotte Resident”

    Is this a cry for help? Is this person admitting that they do not know how to properly raise a pit bull and are asking to be regulated?

  4. I can translate that, it is simple. The dog bites and it’s ok, and we are supposed to think it’s ok if it tears your ass off.

  5. a history of violence? guess that means animal control might have to write a citation.

  6. Gee, guys, don’t you read any of the pro-pit websites? Dog aggression is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than hunam aggression!!! That’s why its OK to adopt out dog aggressive pit bulls, no matter how many people are mauled by pit bulls during attacks on other dogs!

    It doesn’t matter that the dog that mutilated this woman had a history of attacking other dogs…..according to all the pit bull experts, that doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean anything to the folks running AC departments in cities and towns all over this country. It only seems to matter to the victims and their neighbors, who usually can see the tragedy coming.

  7. This story sounds like the canine version of a psychopath. My goodness, we would never put a serial killer like Ted Bundy back on the street with all the carnage he caused, how many more people and animals are going to get mauled to death by these canine murderers before we finally ban them permanently, like at least 12 other countries have done? How many more victims ripped to shreds? There's no pit murderers in my neighborhood that I know of, but if some antisocial pit bull breeder ever moves in, I WILL take any legal action possible against the owners of these dogs, guaranteed. To you pit nutters who constantly lie about the nature of these killer beasts; your "right" to own and breed these murder machines does NOT supersede any community's right to live in safety with their children, elderly, and pets.

  8. Hi, this is Amanda mazza. I have made a full recovery, the dog was put down. And I call the police on any stray dog I see still to this day

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