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5 thoughts on “04/09-16/08: Pit Bulls Shot by Police

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  1. Aurora CO pit shooting:

    “It was a family dog,” said Simon David, the owner of the three pit bulls. “I lost a family member, you know”

    Yeah Right! “Family” dogs roaming at 5 am.

    Family member, as in, CHARLIE MANSON Family member?

    It is 5 am, do you know where YOUR pit bull is?

    PLEASE don’t give this idiot back his other dogs!!!!

  2. Pow! … Pow-Pow-Pow! (9mm Glock)
    Boom! (Smith & Wesson 357)
    Bahrooomp! (44 mag)
    Ka-kggh-click.. Whooom-pah! (12 ga. Win)
    Bang-Bang-Bang! (Armalite .223)

    Yee-Haaaaw! The pit bull round up is underway! Many thanks to all the cops who step up to pit bulls, everyday!

  3. The last line in the Colorado article said “It is no longer illegal to own a pit bull breed in Colorado”. What does that mean? Is the pit bull ban in Aurora still in affect? If it is, then why would this asshole get his dogs back?
    Also, I think this is number 95 shot, and 78 were killed, this year.

  4. I caught that line too. He means that because of the many pit bull bans in Colorado towns that you can’t own a pit bull anywhere in the state. This is untrue. There is no state law in Colorado that bans pit bulls. Just another “frustrated” and “feeling sorry for himself” pit bull owner…

    The pit bull ban in Aurora is absolutely still in effect.

  5. Like most bans, the Aurora ban allowed existing owners of pit bulls to keep their dogs. Simon David likely falls into this category.

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