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6 thoughts on “Two Pit Bulls Confiscated After Attack Kills Neighbors' Pet

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  1. The couple later returned to the Porters’ home and were “very remorseful, very apologetic.” The owners told Porter their dogs had never hurt anyone before.

    Hmmm…For some reason the article didn’t name the Pit owners. These folks intentionally sought out a breed of dog selected for centuries by killing anything from other dogs to bears in a fighting pit….When they kill a neighbor’s dog it is not an accident!

  2. I agree…..why didn’t the article name the owners? I am always reading statements from pit owners who are the “proud owners of APBTs” , they are all self-declared experts on the breed. Why can’t the public know who the owners are?

    I noticed that the “apologetic and remorseful” owners won’t voluntarily put the dogs down. They will most likely get a small fine. They wanted their bad-a*s fighting dog, they got it! If you own a pit bull, and it kills the neighbors dog, you must have brass balls to claim you feel “remorseful”. You wanted a dog that was selectively bred to kill other dogs, and you got it. It’s too late to play the nice guy and say your sorry. Nice guys don’t own dogs capable of tearing through a fence to disembowel the neighbors 25 lb. elderly dog. Pit bull owners should not be allowed to play stupid, and slink off with their killer dogs after “apologizing” for the bloodbath. They deserve all the public scorn that we can heap on them. Too bad the reporter didn’t have the courage to pursue that angle. It’s time to out these pit bull owners and hold them accountable…let their neighbors, family, co-workers, bosses, landlords AND their insurance company, (if they have insurance) know what their dogs are capable of. The people who own these dogs are typically cowards, who won’t step up and take responsibility when their dogs cause harm. If the law won’t hold them accountable, then at least they should feel the anger and scorn the public feels for them. Lets crucify them in the court of public opinion, and see how “proud” they are to own a pit bull then.

    Kudos to the police and neighbors for thinking about the kids and taking it upon themselves to “clean up” the gore before the family arrived home from church. Another sad and TOTALLY preventable death of a family pet due to a neighbor with a pit bull.

  3. “she hopes the attack reminds pit bull owners to be vigilant about keeping track of their dogs.”

    Oh yeah, that will be the day that hell freezes over and monkeys will fly out of my butt!

  4. The tide of public opinion is changing. People are becoming informed due to sites like this.
    My dad once told me ” David you know more wothless stuff than anyone.” I’m now useing that to tell the stories I get here, to anyone that will listen. Our town is only 12,000. I told three people the story about Peter Stauss today. When I’m done talking to a person, all say the same thing” What does a person want a dog like that for any way.”
    So my friends keep up the good work. It’s not ging to be easy but it’s a job that has to be done and it’s up to us to do it.
    David Monroe, Wabash Indiana

  5. How many thousands of dogs does the pit community kill in a year?

    There’s hundreds of thousands of Pits dieing in the shelters and of course, the daily attrocity of intentionlly bred, explosively dog aggressive pits tearing other animals apart…The breeders seem to have calculated this suffering as a cost of doing business. Unfortunately, only others pay.

    The kicker is they will collect 1000 signatures to save a toddler raping Pit Bull. Seems whacked!

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