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7 thoughts on “Elderly Man Attacked by Pit Bulls Lucky to Be Alive

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  1. i like nevada humane society’s policy of not adopting pit bulls to anyone under the age of 26.

  2. I like Spain’s policy of not allowing pit ownership until the owner passes a pyschiatric exam/criminal background and check has a $250,000 insurance policy.

  3. agreed! spain’s policy is a good one!
    can you provide a link to that? i would read about it.

  4. “I don’t even understand how they got out in the first place,” 19-year-old Alvarado said as tears filled her eyes. “I don’t know.”

    Hey Einstein, I think that open window might provide a clue!

  5. thanks for the link, very interesting, especially in light of the fact that at least three native spanish breeds are missing from this list.
    presa canario
    spanish alano
    ca de bou
    makes me wonder about spain’s motives for regulating potentially dangerous foreign breeds.

  6. Update on story

    More than a week ago, Richard Woods was left for dead after being mauled by two pit bulls. Tonight, he’s out of the hospital, just as the dogs are found.

    The former owner of the pit bulls, Davin Fontenot, was arrested last night for an unrelated matter and when he told Jeff Davis Sheriff’s deputies where to find the dogs. That lead them to Iowa, where a man claimed to have bought the dogs. No matter where they ended up the victim here stresses he’s just glad to see they’re found, and can’t strike again.

    Walking around for the first time in a week and a half, Richard Woods has come a long way in overcoming some serious injuries.

    “They did a great job fixing my left eye,” he says.

    Although he’s out of the hospital, Woods is still facing a tough mental recovery from the attack that almost claimed his life.

    “The pressure now is that I do carpenter work, and being that I’m missing 30 percent of my bicep, I’m kind of worried really, about bills and all that, but I guess I’ll leave it in the Lord’s hands,” he says.

    The future of the dogs is much simpler. They remain at Calcasieu Parish Animal Services until they can be destroyed. Diana Morales has been with Animal Services for 20 years, and says this attack is among the most vicious she’s ever seen.

    “To think this man tried to get away, and then was attacked again I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything like that. I just thank God it wasn’t a fatality,” Morales says.

    Woods says the knowledge that the dogs won’t have the chance to attack again gives him peace of mind.

    “I’m just happy they were caught so it can’t happen to someone else again,” Woods says.

    the dogs will remain in quarantine for the next three days before they’re destroyed. Diana Morales explains that’s a standard procedure, to make sure the dogs don’t have rabies.

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