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6 thoughts on “2007's Top 10 Biting Breeds, Florida

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  1. Miami Dade county has spared it’s inhabitants countless maulings by regulating Pit Bulls…Yet they still make it into the top ten!

    Broward County seems to be a mauling free for all zone…

    So much for the “Pit Bulls bite least” talking points.

  2. Not only the leading biter in many areas but also the leading mauler:

    “In a study reported by a retired professor from California State University at Chino, Robert Plum, it was found that one dog in 55 will bite someone seriously during the course of a year. With respect to breed differences in the tendency to inflict serious injury, Plumb estimates that when a pit bull bites a human, one in 16 (e.g. 1/16) will inflict serious injury; this contrasts with a ratio of 1/296 Dobermans, and 1/156 German shepherds.”

  3. Hopefully our legislators will realize that there is need to change this law and pass this legislation. When they do, the first person I am going to see is a local county commissioner that lives in my community. I live next door to a renter that owns a pit bull with a bite record. This dog is allowed to run freely in a 3′ to 4′ high fenced yard and aggressively barks at anyone that even walks past the house on street. It’s only a matter of time before this dog escapes its confines and attacks someone, most likely a child, on our residential street. What is a pity is if I only knew what company insured the house and I informed them of these circumstances, these renters would be forced to move as I’m positive the insurer would refuse to cover the liability of having a pit bull with a bite record reside in a house they insured.

  4. The USE of banning pitbulls is when somebody does get bitten, or a dog fighting ring exists-there will be additional charges and legal consequences against these offenders. When a person owns a pitbull and becomes a nusance to the neighbors-they have the authority to complain to law enforcement-whereas WITHOUT a pitbull ban-they are powerless, and children and/or elderly in the surrounding area are at HIGH RISK of getting-far worst than bitten-mauled and ripped to shreds by these monsters people call pitbulls-WHY DO YOU THINK THEY CALL THEM PITBULLS FOR!! Duhh.

  5. Rather odd, all these aggressive labrador mixes in the place with a pit ban. None in the other place. I would like to see some pictures of these labradors. Are they really pits?

  6. Mrs. Poodle,

    I agree for labs and lab mixes to be at the top of the list has to be for two reasons: 1. florida is in the south, where majority of people own labs, it is the number 1 top dog breed to own. plus almost all mutts kinda look like labs or are black because its dominant. so you get a bunch of mutts that are being called labs. 2. these labs are really pitbull and boxer type mixes. almost all of pitbulls are mixed looking, they rarely look like the breed standard. i have a lab something something mix and there are times i have looked at her and thought do you have pit in you? so i think these biting mixed labs are pit mixed with generic mutts of lab descent. i worked at a vet clinic for many years labs rarely bite or are aggressive.

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