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17 thoughts on “Pit Bull's Fate Tied to Human Decisions

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  1. Another chain breaker?!!! It’s clear normal confinement measures don’t work on the “ultimate canine gladiator”.

  2. Doesn’t anyone see a problem here? Chaining is NOT normal confinement and leads to aggression. When left alone, outside away from his pack…what dog wouldn’t bark…he is communicating. What’s the dog doing outside at 3AM anyway?

    If the dog was that important to the family he would be inside. Maybe he is better off dead than living a life chained up and alone.

  3. Sounds like you people who advocate BSL against pits are PRO CHAINING which encourages aggressive behavior. Its idiot people that chain that cause this.There was another story on here about a poodle on a chain being mauled, it didnt stand a chance BECAUSE IT WAS CHAINED. The owner was a complete idiot, and so is everyone else that thinks its all in the breed. I dont see any statistics or people saying these things happened with pits in the 50s….they were Americans #1 breed, Helen Keller had a pit, they are war heroes, search and rescue heroes, and incredible dogs. Screw the rest of you!

  4. I’m just glad the Pit broke the chain when armed police officer came by instead of a kid on a bicycle.

    Way too many chain breakin’ and fence bustin’ episodes with these dogs!!!!

  5. Ashley,
    You need to deep breath and learn how to read. The two people commenting immediately before you, clearly stated an anti-chaining position. In another comment section, there were two other people expressing their opposition to chaining dogs as well.
    I oppose all forms of chaining. I consider it to be a form of animal abuse.

  6. Ashley, please provide statistics that prove that pit bulls were “America’s number one breed”, at any time in history. I will provide you with a link to a study that used old newspaper archives to see how many times various dog breeds were mentioned, and it disproves the claim that pit bulls were once the wildly popular family pets you claim them to be.

    So how have you determined that pit bulls were once America’s # 1 breed? Were are your stats? Or is this more propaganda from the for profit breeder lobby? Are you a breeder?

    As far as pit bulls being war heroes, is this the old saw about “Sargeant Stubby”? Because Sargeant Stubby was a stray…there is no evidence that he was a pit bull. He was described as a dog “of unknown breed”. In fact, many claim he was in fact a Boston Terrier (you pit bull people can duke it out with the Boston Terrier people, I guess) There are a few grainy black and white pictures of him, in some he looks like a bull terrier mix, in some he looks definitely like a Boston terrier.

    His body is stuffed at the Smithsonian, and he certainly does not look like an APBT or AmStaff when you see him there.

    Once again, there is no proof that Sargeant Stubby was in a pure bred APBT or AMStaff. A lot of what you pro-pit people claim to be true about pit bulls is just fantasy, and it’s time you all were called out to back up your fairy tales with facts.

  7. I was born in the 50’s and I didn’t see my first pit bull until I was 8 or 9 yrs old. It would be another 20 years or so until I saw another pit bull. Collies, cockers, beagles, shepherds, boxers and just plain old heinz 57 seemed to be the predominant breeds when I was young. Of course I wasn’t born in and have never lived in the south.

  8. I am tired of the out and out lies I keep hearing from pit bull owners/breeders. Like the claim that, “These dogs are therapy dogs!” I have no doubt that there are a HANDFUL of pit bulls who perform as certified therapy dogs in this country; but it’s easy enough to check Therapy Dog websites from around the country and look at pictures of participating dogs. If you look at hundreds of pictures of certified therapy dogs, you will be hardpressed to find one or two pit bulls. The truth is, pit bulls are actually EXTREMELY uncommon therapy dogs, and if anyone wanted to take the time, they could easily verify this.

    Trying to argue that regulating pit bulls would somehow deprive residents of long term care facilities of the very real benefits that therapy dogs provide, is dishonest and, quite frankly, laughable. It’s just another lie that the for profit breeder lobby promotes, along with the story that “Pits were Americas favorite dog”, which has recently been inflated to “they were the number one family dog” and “they were Americas number one breed”, and “they were as popular as Labs”…..all of which cannot be proven or backed up with data.

  9. ashley,
    i too oppose chaining or cabling dogs for any amount of time whatsoever. the only time a dog should ever be connected to some form of lead that is attached to its collar or harness is when it is being walked by its owner. if you can not afford to properly house your dog, then you can not properly care for your dog. i would like to see tethering banned at the federal level.
    i oppose tethering first and foremost because it cruel to the dogs. any benefit that humans might derive from it ie in the form of decreased aggression, is merely an added benefit.
    i agree, it is the idiot people who cause this problem and your anger should be directed at YOUR own community.
    1. cherie graves, she feels that you should be able to do whatever the hell you want with your ‘piece of property’.
    2. diane jessup, the pit bull goddess you all worship, feels that tethering is just fine and dandy and preferable to kenneling.
    3. the pro-pit bull/anti-bsl bloggers, especially (i really can’t tell this nut apart from cherie graves-i think they might be evil twins that were separated at birth)
    4. and the rest of those pro-pit groups who chain their dogs and fight against all efforts to improve the lives of dogs.

    I applaud the efforts of and they are great organizations and tammy grimes is nothing short of heroic.

    oh and by the way, you might want to consider consulting with karen over at kcdogblogger about that mean spirited dialogue of yours.

  10. Of course chaining a dog is cruel and often the cause of aggression. The irony is, many pit bulls cannot be contained by fencing which would contain other dog breeds. Many, many people acquire pit bulls without any adequate way to contain them; they don’t have a fenced yard, and can’t afford to build one, or the fencing they have is not tall enough, strong enough, or otherwise secure enough to contain a pit bull, whom breed enthusiats describe as “escape artisits”.

    That is the situation faced by a friend of mine whose neighbor adopted two pit bulls from a rescue group, who easily scaled a four foot fence to maul her elderly dog.

  11. Schultz, not only do I agree with you with regards to chaining, but I would also add that the concept of keeping an “outdoor dog” is also considered cruel, and can result in a very unsocialized, unstable, aggressive dog. Virtually all humane groups recognize that dogs are social animals, who need close contact with humans in order to become properly socialized and emotionally healthy. Isolation in an outdoor kennel, away from the family, can be torturous for a pet dog, who craves to be with his human “pack”. Every legitimate breed specific rescue group I have researched while looking for a pet dog will not adopt out an animal to a home where a dog will be an “outside dog”, because it is considered cruel.

    So maybe, Ashley, you could explain to me why BadRap, the most high profile pit bull rescue group in the country, thinks its OK to keep pit bulls out side, on a chain?

    Shall I quote BadRap for you, Ashley?

    “Owners should provide a very secure set up, and supervise all play when the dog is outdoors, and keep him indoors when no one is home. If indoor accomodations are not possible, we recommend an outdoor kennel run with a good lock, or a well-designed cable tie-out.”

    If indoor accomodations are not possible, you should’t have a dog. Period. Why would Bad Rap imply that it’s OK to own a pit bull, and tie it out in your backyard when you are not home?

    Why are so many heroes of the pro pit bull movement saying it’s OK to chain a dog? Why do you all contradict yourselves, Ashley? Why would Bad Rap advocate leaving ANY dog outside alone when the owner is not home? Do you think that, maybe, Bad Rap has had to make a lot of compromises and lower their standards because they can’t possibly find enough homes for all the pit bulls they are so desperate to promote? That would be my guess.

    Oh, and I’m still waiting for your statistics that prove that pit bulls were once the number one family dog in America. Please cough them up, or admit you just read that on some website and thought it was worth repeating.

  12. Let’s not forget…There are millions of dogs of other breeds currently unneutered and chained…They aren’t doing this!

    Pit Bulls excel in weight pulling competitions, it should surprise no one when they break a chain and bust their way through a fence.

  13. I read the comments at kc dogblogger….unbelievable. I guess free speech only applies to pit bull enthusiasts, huh? Gee, they threatened everything but the kitchen sink; lawsuits, etc. How does that work? They want to sue bloggers for libel……… because a group of dog attack victims have the audacity to have a public discussion surrounding the regulation of domestic animals! Wow!!

    It just gets nuttier and nuttier…….

  14. The American Kennel Club lists the most popular pooches in America. 1.Labrador Retriever 2.Yorkshire Terrier 3.German Shepherd 4.Golden Retriever 5.Beagle 6.Boxer 7.Dachund 8.Poodle 9.Shih Tzu 10.Bull Dog. The American Pit Bull is not even in the top ten.
    According to Dog Bite Law pit bulls make up only 2% of the dog population. I recieved a copy of a letter from a pro-piter that was sent to our city council that said “there are no accurate or even near accurate cencus records for dogs in the U.S.” then after a coma before he even started a new sentence he says “in some populations pit bulls are estimated to comprise some 30-40% of the dog population”.
    Don’t these people even read what they write. All this was of course after the usual rhetoric that pit bulls don’t exist. It is amazing how easy it is to check this stuff out. People should check the information out before they beleive these dog fighten breeders because they don’t care anything about loving pet owners, they only care about the money they get for a good fighten dog.

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