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9 thoughts on “Pit Bulls Banned in Madisonville, Texas

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  1. Wow…Read the comments with the story. This really has the Pit Nutters going to Code RED!

    The state of Texas will now have to sue the Town of Madison to comply with the pre-emptive with “NO BSL” the dog lobby bought years ago.

    After the bloody year of 2007, it will be interesting to see if the state forcing towns to accept dangerous dogs holds up in court.

  2. Looks like there is one…

    The city attorney for Madisonville, John Bankhead, declined an on-camera opportunity to discuss the ordinance, though he did note that it is two-fold. Article 1 of the document concerns pit bulls. Article 2 regulates dangerous dogs.

    Bankhead said they are fully aware of the health and safety code, and that it’s time for change to it.

  3. In 2007, 6 out of 7 dog bite related killings were carried out by Pit Bulls. In the absence of the Pit Bull community policing themselves and coming up with a solution, it had to come to this.

    Prevent the Deed, Regulate the Breed!

  4. on 08/09/2008 we lost our beloved jack russell to a pit bull attack from our new neighbors. they said that they had no dogs or animals. It frightens me to think that people lie about this( I wonder why). they(neighbors) are upset about this. What about my children, they lost a much loved pet and family member…

    denton, tx

  5. we lost are little jack (russell) today 3/25/09 to are neighbors pit bull and they also tried to hide it.makes me wonder what kind of people could take him to the woods and leave him and then take there dogs inside of there house and never say a word,until confronted.Is there a pit bull law in rural areas?

  6. Pit bull owners hide dead dogs and cats all the time. They dump them in the forest and in trash cans (down the street from their own). They talk about this behavior openly on pit bull forums. It’s gross to be sure…

    If you are in the State of Texas, no, there are no pit bull specific laws.

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