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8 thoughts on “Pit bull reportedly attacks neighbor’s dog

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  1. Good example of a dog owner that cannot protect either his dog nor the public.

    The dog should be removed and the owner should have a HUGE fine leveled at him and loose the right to ever own another dog.

    Animal Aggression cannot be compared to Human Aggression. Animal Aggression is Natural and instinctive to most breed of dogs. After all, they Animals.

    And the reason the Shepherd’s owner was bitten was he stuck his hand in between two animals fighting. A responsible Pit owner will have a Break stick should a fight break out to prevent bites to humans.

  2. animal aggression is instinctive in ALL dogs. animal aggression towards its chosen prey is natural in all dogs. dogs that want to kill their own kind, well that is hardly natural. ever hear of darwin? a dog that views its own species as prey and especially its own breed as prey, that’s down right creepy. don’t ya think?

    as for the pit bull owner above, as usual, the owner was not around to break up the fight. damn those non-pit bull owners for not being prepared to break up a dog fight IN THEIR OWN BACK YARD at 10:30 pm!
    i agree that the pit owner should never be able to own a dog again and yes there should be a HUGE fine involved but the dog has already been declared dangerous, it should killed, NOT removed. and why would anyone want to own a breed of dog that requires the owner to carry around “special equipment” at all times in order to break up a fight? why would anyone want that responsibility? why would anyone want that liability?

  3. Same reason you want the opportunity to speak your mind.

    The constitution gives me an inherent right of choice. Take that choice from me and there will be a group working to take a choice from you.

    Breedism is Racism at it’s best. Makes you feel good doesn’t it?

  4. staffie, here is the definition of racism:
    racism |ˈrāˌsizəm|
    the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

    hmmm… the belief that a race is superior to another. sounds like you people are just as guilty of racism.
    “i would never have any other dog.”
    “they’re the best dogs ever.”
    “pits are the sweetest, most loyal dogs.”
    and on and on and on they go….
    you people are racist, breedist whatever…

  5. Explosive dog aggression is a completely useless and dangerous trait. Unfortunately it continues to be the Pit Bull breed standard.

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