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3 thoughts on “Elgin woman mauled by pit bulls

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  1. pay attention to the comment section of these stories.
    i don’t know know whether to laugh or cry at this stupidity…

    “i feel bad for the poor lady who was hurt while trying to protect her dog from another dog. but i really feel horrible for the poor pit bulls. why do people not realize that this could have happened with any breed of dog? is there a story to report only because the breed was pit bull? why do i never read the storys about the chow breed that attacked another dog? or a chocolate lab that attacked another dog? its not because it doesnt happen. its because of the breed.”

    justlia’s entire moronic comment is worth a read.

    a month ago, i was charged by 2 loose labs while walking my dogs (on leash), i charged toward them and yelled for them to go home. they did.

    a year ago, i was at an offleash park and encountered 2 pit bulls that started to square off with my two dogs. i yelled “HEY” to create a distraction and the pit owner panicked and said “don’t yell, don’t yell. it only makes them want to fight.”
    he must have forgot his break stick at home that day.

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