Thursday, December 4, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/04/2008 4:55 AM  |  Flag  
The nutters are going to break the 400 mark...unreal!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/04/2008 5:41 AM  |  Flag  
The car video shows the average pit bull owner; common as muck.

Anonymous ernie  |  12/04/2008 6:32 PM  |  Flag  
i like seeing more and more private citizens taking care of themselves.

Anonymous Felony  |  12/05/2008 1:22 PM  |  Flag  
Now even arthritic seniors and disable people can defend themselves and their dogs against pit bulls.

Anonymous Trigger  |  12/05/2008 1:35 PM  |  Flag  
OMG -- you are right about that!

Palm Pistol
A US company claims to have received federal approval to market a 9-mm handgun as a medical device and hopes the US government will reimburse seniors who buy the $300 firearm. But the US Food and Drug Administration says there are currently no formal designations of the gun as a medical device.

Called the Palm Pistol, the weapon is designed for people who have trouble firing a normal handgun due to arthritis and other debilitating conditions.

"It's something that they need to assist them in daily living," says Matthew Carmel, president of Constitution Arms in Maplewood, New Jersey, which hopes to manufacture the Palm Pistol - now just a patent and specifications.

"The justification for this would be no more or less for a [walking aid] or wheelchair, or any number of things that are medical devices," he says.

The sales information reads: "It is also ideal for seniors, disabled or others who may have limited strength or manual dexterity. Using the thumb instead of the index finger for firing, it significantly reduces muzzle drift, one of the principal causes of inaccurate targeting. Point and shoot couldn't be easier."

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/07/2008 7:00 AM  |  Flag  
Here's another one that occurred on December 4th:

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