Sunday, May 11, 2008

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Anonymous Dude I bagged ur pit  |  5/10/2008 3:25 PM  |  Flag  
The previously cited pit bull owning scumbag should be arrested for felony animal cruelty! a)He owns a pit bull. b)He has a history of the pit bull being at large. Therefore, this is not an accident. This is mission accomplished for the moron whose dog was bred to do this! No mercy. Hog tie this piece of human trash and drag him down a gravel road, all the way to jail.

And for all the pro mauling activist, let us for once see that, "Ban the deed, not the breed," is more than a hollow, insincere slogan. Let them for once petition the District Attorney to pursue the highest possible charges and penalties, with hundreds of them on the steps of the court house to demand justice.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/10/2008 4:51 PM  |  Flag  
How many horses killed does this make for 2008?! Sheesh...

Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/10/2008 4:58 PM  |  Flag  
The silence from the Animal "Welfare" groups is deafening on the issue of Pit Bulls killing livestock and pets!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/10/2008 9:09 PM  |  Flag  
The thug punk who owned the pit bull still has 5 puppies!!!!! And the county will closely watch to see that they are licensed and vaccinated.
They should also be closely watching for the next "accident".

Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/11/2008 9:16 AM  |  Flag  
Great! 5 more Bullbaiters soon to be sold with zero product liability.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/11/2008 12:27 PM  |  Flag  
To the horse owner.....go to City Hall, find out who is the deeded owner of the property. Go online and find out which insurance carriers provide homeowners insurance in the state of Maryland. Contact each insurance company and send them documentation of the risk....better yet, sue the dog owner for medical costs and the cost of replacing the animals. The dog owner will have to identify the insurer...if the carrier won't pay, I am sure they will cancel the dog owners policy when they find out about the puppies. If he has a mortgage, he will have to have insurance. He will have no choice but to get rid of the puppies.

Make sure the insurance carrier knows the owner is BREEDING aggressive pit bulls.

Anonymous David  |  5/11/2008 9:41 PM  |  Flag  
This insurance thing did work once, but then the insurance people didn't want to talk to me after that. The insurance people don't want to be the bad guys even though they don't want to insure the dogs.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/12/2008 7:03 AM  |  Flag  
"Wilson says animal control and state police had removed the same dog from their property weeks earlier"


Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/13/2008 5:02 PM  |  Flag  
The deadbeat doesn't own the house. He is a freeloader living with his girlfriend and annoying the neighbors.

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