Thursday, April 10, 2008

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Anonymous David  |  4/10/2008 9:51 PM  |  Flag  
Brandy Hawkins, 32, 404 Congress St., Wabash IN, was preliminarily charged by Wabash police on April 9 with two counts of allowing a dog to run at large.
It looked like the two pit bulls were tied with rope to the garage. Male and Female with pups. Luckily the dogs didn't have to be shot. I wonder about the pups, 3 or 4 more potential problems.
Through the end of March, 65 dogs had to be shot and killed, another 25 or so shot that survived. Around 125 total shots fired. Amazing no one that owns a pit thinks the problem is there dog. Even more amazing that no person has been hit by a stray bullet.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/11/2008 5:09 AM  |  Flag  
On pace for 334 Pit Bull "intervention" shootings in 2008.

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