Oceanside Letter Carrier Dies After 'Non Bite' Injury from Rottweiler

Letter carrier dies after being ambushed by a rottweiler in Oceanside, California. Fatal Brain Injury Oceanside, CA - A 33-year old letter carrier died earlier this month after a rottweiler lunged at him along his Oceanside route, causing him to fall and suffer a fatal head injury. Letter carrier Hao Yun "Eddie" Lin encountered the dog while delivering mail on May 25 in the 500 block of Stanley Street, according to postal inspector Slivia Torres. Oceanside police were alert… [Read full blog post]

'Non Bite' Pit Bull Injury Leads to Death of Plainfield AC Officer

Plainfield Animal Control Officer died after being knocked to the ground by a pit bull. Officer Theresa Foss Plainfield, CT - An incident that raises questions regarding what defines a "fatal dog attack" recently occurred in Connecticut. On September 29, Plainfield Animal Control Officer Theresa Foss was hospitalized with a head injury after being knocked to the ground by a pit bull. Foss had responded to a call of an aggressive dog that had trapped a family in their home. A r… [Read full blog post]

Elderly Woman Suffers Broken Hip and Crushed Wrist After Pit Bull Attack

"Non Bite" Injury Rantoul, IL - Children and the elderly are the most frequent victims of serious dog bite injury. Unlike attacks on children, attacks on the elderly and senior citizens are often less publicized. Older citizens injured in dog attacks do not heal at the same rate as children and often suffer complications, such as infection, after the initial bite injury. Older citizens also suffer devastating "non bite" injuries, such as the aftermath of being "knocked to t… [Read full blog post]