2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Police Officer Couple's Infant Killed by Family Dog

Chow Kills 2-Week Old Mesa, AZ - On Wednesday, the mother of a 2-week old baby girl -- who is a police officer with the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community -- stepped away from her baby momentarily to use the bathroom. She had left the baby in a low-lying bassinet or crib. When she returned, she discovered the family dog, a chow (or a chow-mix), had severely bitten the infant. By the time Mesa paramedics arrived the baby was unresponsive and pronounced dead on the scene. Detec… [Read full blog post]

2007 Dog Bite Fatality: Tori Whitehurst, Killed by an Adopted Out American Bulldog

Tori Whitehurst, 4-years old, died after a recently adopted out dog attacked her throat. Adopted Dog Kills Child archived Phoenix, AZ -A 4-year old died after being attacked by her family's American bulldog. Tori Whitehurst was airlifted to a hospital in Phoenix, but did not survive. The attack happened just before 4 pm at the family's home in the 500 block of Yearling Road. Tori and her sister had been playing in the backyard with four dogs. A live-in nanny was watching the gir… [Read full blog post]