Video: Father of Boy Killed by Pit Bulls Warns About Dangerous Myth

Dax is Gone: A father's story after his son was mauled to death by his babysitter's pit bulls. - On March 6th, 14-month old Daxton Borchardt was brutally mauled to death by his babysitter's two pit bulls while under her care. For the past 6 weeks, has been working closely with the boy's father, Jeff Borchardt, and the babysitter, Susan Iwicki. The 6,000 word blog post to be published on Friday, July 26th tells the full story of what happened on March 6th… [Read full blog post]

2013 Dog Bite Fatality: 14-Month Old Wisconsin Boy Killed by Babysitter's Pit Bulls

Daxton Borchardt was mauled to death by two pit bulls belonging to his babysitter. Police Release Details UPDATE 04/02/13: On Monday, the Walworth County Sheriff's Office released new information about the fatal pit bull mauling of Daxton Borchardt. The reports detail the savage attack upon the 14-month old boy and the dogs' owner, Susan Iwicki, who was babysitting the boy at the time of the fatal mauling. According to reports, the two pit bulls turned from "playful and nip… [Read full blog post]