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9 thoughts on “A Serious Discussion In South Africa After Multiple Children Killed by Pit Bulls

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  1. “ However, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA says it does not support the petition to ban or outlaw pit bulls but fully supports the motion to develop and implement stronger regulations/legislation regarding the keeping and breeding of the dogs.”

    And this is the problem, we know here that “stronger regulations/legislation” does jack all to stop the attacks by pits. Doesn’t matter if the owners are responsible or not, pits from both types maul and kill.

    • And this, people, is why we need to STOP donating to the SPCA, the Humane Society, and all other so-called animal rights groups. They’re protecting dogs in general and dangerous dogs in particular.

      Let’s vote with our wallets.

  2. No matter how many times you tell them .they’re not going to listen .that pitbull are dangerous dogs if you have prove they going to still denied it .They say the same thing over and over its how is raised the owner make the dog aggressive the victim blaming that’s not a real pitbull all dog bite toy poodle bite the know german shepherd rottweiler are also dangerous dogs but pitbull take the cake being the most dangerous aggressive dog.

  3. In the week following the first pitbull mauling of the 8-year-old boy in Bloemfontein, 49 pitbulls were relinquished to the Bloemfontein SPCA.

    It’s hard to imagine that occurring in North America.

    • It would be hard to distinguish it from the sea of pitbulls already flowing into shelters. One thing I noticed about the South African debate is that shelters claim they will take the dogs. In the US, animal shelters turn dogs away because they are “no kill” and already full of pitbulls.

      • Rebecca, normally I would agree w you on this. However, in this case, it seems that there is a promising step prioritizing Community over Pitbulls occurring in South Africa.

        South African Mokete Selebano was a witness to the mauling of 3-yr-old Keketso Innocent Saule.
        Selebano has announced, “We can’t live like this in a world where dogs eat children.” I trust he will follow through with his verbal
        promise to surrender his pitbull. As at least 48+ have done.

  4. The neighbors don’t play around with trying to get the authorities to euthanize the dog after a mauling over there. They just get together and stone the dog and set it on fire. That’s the way neighbors should be dealing with a pit problem in their neighborhood here.

  5. Kudos to the TV station for having such a format to allow in depth discussion on a controversial topic. Great idea to have guests present virtually do you can shut off the mic of motor mouths.

    Regarding the discussion The pro pit bull side seems not to able to address that “family pit bulls” will invade other peoples property and homes to kill. That is not normal protection dog behavior.

  6. Imagine if we had this kind of national reporting of pitbull attacks in the US. The press in South Africa is speaking the truth – and it sounds like a call to action, when people see how much damage these dogs are inflicting. People in the US don’t even hear about extraordinary cases like the baby and toddler killed recently. If our press were getting the news out, change would come.

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