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16 thoughts on “2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Domestic Dispute Call Ends in Fatal Dog Mauling of Baby

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  1. Cue the nuts* who are going to say that the poor little doggy was scared by the cops and whatnot, and thus should now be put in a loving home with lots of small children.


    * Note I said "nuts" and not "pit nuts" since the breed has not been revealed. Though smart money says doggie is at least part-pit.

  2. Now we've seen the unneutered male dog. I have a need to see the father of the infant that owned this monster and the relative, maybe a grandfather, that put the baby on a bed in a bedroom where this dog was. One neighbor told a reported that the mother had told her that her main concern was her baby being in the house with the dogs. One report says there was another dog there. The father exercized his right to own these monsters…NOW, WAS IT WORTH IT ???

  3. This is the problem with the Animal Control profession…There should be a mishap investigation reviewing the procedures and poor judgement calls the led to this tragedy.

    Instead the public will get a warning to "Not blame the breed".

    It's almost as if the profession has turned on the American people.

  4. An unaltered, roaming pit. No doubt his human-aggressive offspring can be found all over the neighborhood, perhaps to carry on his mauling legacy.

  5. Yup: "…the same pit bull had previously been involved in a minor biting incident in 2011. The dog was quarantined then returned to its owner, Barnett Bruce."

    Ding, Ding, Ding! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a WINNER!

    Its obvious to me that there is usually some sort of aggressive behavior indicated before the tragedy. Probably not reported in a lot of cases, but there nonetheless.

  6. This story keeps getting more horrific.

    Here is video of a neighbor who says that minutes before the dog killed the baby, the mother told the neighbor that one of the reasons she wanted to take the child from the home was her fear that the pits would harm the baby.

    If it is true that the mother told the police that she feared for the safety of the child with the pits and the police were there, and said there was nothing they could do, they specifically looked at the pits and gave the OK that the baby was not in danger in the presence of them. I wonder if the police checked for previous bite reports when assessing the safety of the child with the pits. This is insane.

  7. Here in Tucson, I've heard police officers bragging about the bully dogs that they own. And that, when it comes to pit bull aggression, it's all in how you raise them.

    Methinks that the nutters have infiltrated our police force. And we are not a safer community for it.

  8. I was reading a news story the other day about a pit breaking free from its owner's leash and attacking another dog on leash. Nothing was done to the pit or pit owner because it was stated that it wasn't the owner's fault that their pit broke free. That is obscene.

    I understand that the law must take into account truly, freak accidents. Let's say a healthy oak tree on my property is struck by lightning and then immediately falls onto a child. That is truly an unpredictable event. However, dog owners are let off the hook continually for their poor decision making and inability to predict or control the outcomes of their decisions.

    The case of this poor child is similar. Hopefully, the adults that put the child in danger will be held to account and, more broadly, dog owners will be held to account for the first offense of their animals and aggressive animals will be dispatched on their first offense.

    In the eyes of the law, sensible people that do not endanger others by their (pet) choices are not rewarded for their good judgement.

  9. I always wondered if nutters would be okay with BSL for families with children specifically. I don't see why so many kids should die because their parents picked the worst breed of dog to have as a family pet.

  10. This event and the one like you describe DubV has been making me believe even more strongly that the law that has just been overturned in Ohio – designating pit bulls inherently dangerous – is the best baseline regulation for pit bulls and other dangerous breeds.

    After that, communities should be free to further regulate them.

    There should be no benefit of the doubt or second chances for these dogs. And when freak accidents are common place, they're no longer freak accidents! You can bet real money that a pit bulls is going to "break free."

  11. Pit nutters are playing Russian roulette with themselves and others, but are not capable of understanding the rules, parameters, or consequences of the game.

  12. Skeptifem,

    You are looking at this wrong…Pit Bulls are a Billion dollar a year business. This is not a humane or family dog ownership issue…it is a business one for those involved in it. They have already decided the victims, including the Pit Bulls themselves are expendable.

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