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21 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attack Claims Two Victims, Requires Two LifeFlight Helicopters

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  1. In a separate attack, a pit bull mauled a 5-year old boy in Coracopolis yesterday.
    CORAOPOLIS (KDKA) ― Tyler Williams, 5, was taken to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh after being attacked by a pit bull. It happened at the home of the victim’s aunt at 1012 Birch Way in Coraopolis. The pit bull belonged to the aunt’s boyfriend…

    Do NOT let your children visit relatives that own directly or that have a “boyfriend” that owns a pit bull, specifically a CHAINED UP pit bull. This is a recipe for DISASTER. Because this attack occurred on “owner property” and because the dog was “chained” there may be NO criminal or civil liability.

  2. I just want to cry. I am so depressed about this.

    I see that picture of that little boy covered in bandages and blood on a stretcher.

    He was just out for a walk with his grandma.

    How can this still be going on? How can authorities still be getting controlled by a bunch of dog fighters and dog breeders?

    HOW CAN THEY KNOW THIS IS GOING ON TO CHILDREN and still do NOTHING about pit bulls?

  3. Notice how the sheriff is already weaseling out

    Oh it’s not our job. It’s animal control

    VA has a LOT of dog fighters and a LOT of dog breeders, and there are AKC lobby groups that are very active there protecting the pit bull. They will work hard to make this go away.

  4. Animal control is useless. It has been so infiltrated by pit nutters that you can’t expect any reasonable action to be taken. They had known about these dogs running loose for days and did nothing. This family should sue the hell out of them and the county, as well as the sheriff department, for not doing their jobs. The owner has neighbors. Let’s hope they’re not too afraid of the scumbag to turn him in so he can share in the joy of the big pay out for the medical bills.

  5. Even if the dogs were identifiable, the dog owners would only be penalized with minor fines:

    “Although there are no state statutes dealing with such attacks, Bennett said that the owners would still face local charges because the dogs had no tags or collars and they were running free in a leash-law area.”

    I sense a “shelter break in” at the Culpeper County Animal Shelter. I hope that Bennett watches those 2 dogs like a hawk.

  6. Way to go Pit Bull Lobby!

    You need to stop writing Haikus and get yer azzes down to Culpepper county and figure out who is breeding these Level 5/6 off property maulers!

  7. Animal control director Bennett must be aware of the potential legal ramifications. She points out on TWO occasions that the dogs did not “appear” to be aggressive.

    1.) “To look at these two dogs now you would never suspect that they could be aggressive,” Bennett said.

    2.) “He said a woman in the Mount Pony area had called Monday and reported seeing two pit bulls running loose in the area the day before, but thought they were lost pets. The caller made no mention of aggressive behavior, Bennett said.”

    ROAMING pit bulls do not EVER need the appearance of being aggressive to be taken seriously! Animal control officers know this BETTER than anyone else. The attitude and statements coming out of Bennett boarder on reprehensible.

  8. In 2005, in the adjacent county of Spotsylvania, 82-year old Dorothy Sullivan was killed by loose pit bulls. The owner of the pit bulls, Deanna Large was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to 3 years in prison. In a 2007 civil suit, the Sullivan family unsuccessfully sued Spotsylvania County Animal Control, which reportedly knew Large’s dogs frequently ran loose, had attacked neighbors and killed pets and that Large was operating an unlicensed kennel.



  9. There is always a lot of excuses made for animal control after a mauling, but it comes down to, if they did their jobs right they could save life and citizens would have more respect for them.

  10. Citizens bear partial responsibility. Animal control routinely gets the bottom of the barrel scrapings of city and county budgets. Spending on animal control is not considered a high priority. They are denied the training, equipment, and number of employees they need to do their jobs adequately. Until people push their city councils and county commissioners to make animal control a higher priority, they will get exactly what they pay for: apathetic, ill trained individuals with too many cases and not enough time in the day to cover them all.

  11. I agree that animal control does not get enough support in many areas.

    But there is an issue in some places with “extremists” getting hired as animal control officers or directors; those from the breeders, No Kill, or even dog fighter (remember Jere Alexander?) sects.

    These people are opposing animal control laws, influencing local legislators to protect the breeder element (Rae in Indianapolis) or directly enabling aggressive dog owners and breeders.

    Some are spending more time and effort promoting pit bulls, and lying about them, than they are picking up strays or answering calls!

  12. Not buying it totally…Dog licensing compliance rates are under 25 percent nationally and most A/C departments leave $Hundreds of thousands of uncollected license revenue on the table in most places annually. Then they line up to be fed through the general fund.

    They need adults to run these departments who can at least prioritize public safety and fiduciary responsibility on a level at least coequal with placing pit bulls.

    A/C reps like Tom Skeldon who aggressively collect licensing revenue and enforce the law are treated like pariahs within the A/C community.

    The A/C community needs an enema especially with the population explosion of Pit Bulls.

  13. I don’t think it’s a cover up job. The dog owners lived six miles from the attack. So the roaming, attacking pit bulls, went a heck of a distance THEN attacked. A quality shared by no other dog breed (because in this instance, we are not talking about STRAY dogs or a pack of STRAY dogs.)

    “Friday afternoon, a man who answered the door at the residence expressed sympathy and shock at what happened, but said they were too upset and distraught to make any further statements at this time. The home is about six miles from the scene of the attacks.”

  14. I see where you are coming from P. Six miles sure is a long way. The last “distance” stunner I read about was in South Africa. The pit bulls traveled 3km then killed a boy.

    “Three pit bull terriers, owned by a police officer, mauled a seven-year-old boy to death. The boy’s grandfather was also injured in the attack; he was lucky to escape with his life, said spokesperson Captain Cherelle Ehlers. Police are “baffled” as to why the dogs pounced on young Austin Pieters, and how they had managed to get out of their yard. “The dogs got out of their yard and walked 3km by the time they came across the boy,” Ehlers said.”

  15. In an article this morning, the owner has come forwarded but she’s covering up for someone. Says the dogs lived 6 miles away, give me a break. This “owner” is covering for someone and does so because “it ain’t no big deal” to get a little old misdeanor charge, might be if you are already a felon.

  16. Hard to imagine any dog going six miles without getting hit by a car. I know there are exceptions but I just find this one too hard to believe. And the fact that they didn’t stop to be aggressive to any body or another dog along the way sounds too far fetched to me. I vote this woman is covering for a relative in this neighborhood.

  17. These dogs were clearly off property for quite some time judging from the good citizen’s reported call to animal control the day earlier.

    How long were they off property and what effort did the owner exert to find them and protect the public?

    Most normal folk would be moving heaven and earth to find their dogs!

  18. Star-Exponent Letters to the Editor

    Pit bull attack spotlights a major problem in our society

    Terra Rooper, Culpeper
    Published: May 21, 2009

    Once again, another pit bull attack on the innocent (“2 injured in dog attack,” May 14).

    When in the heck is someone going to step up and make laws on these aggressive dogs? How many more children are going to be mauled before someone does something?

    I get so sick of these people defending this breed. No common sense whatsoever. Automatic weapons are illegal not because everyone would go shoot up a school but because of the dangerous potential they have. It is the exact same with pit bulls. They have the capability to do a lot of damage. Why do we let just anyone own one? Why is the reckless breeding of this breed allowed?

    The even sadder truth is these dogs can do this and be set free to do it again. They get a dangerous dog stamp. What justice is that for the innocent people attacked? If a dog does this once, they will do it again. They are animals, not people. You cannot give them therapy or have a long talk with them in hopes of recovery.

    When any dog attacks in a vicious manner outside of its home, it should be automatically put down. Owners should have to pay up for the victims’ pain and suffering.

    It will be a great day when people care more for a human life and rights than an animal’s.

    Terra Rooper

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