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2 thoughts on “Zupf: Dyersburg 16-Year Old Girl Attacked by Two Pit Bulls

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  1. “Dr. Carol Feather, president of the Dyersburg/Dyer County Humane Society, said they often run out of room at the shelter to accommodate dogs in court cases. “Sometimes we have to put down some lovely dogs to make room for the dogs in court cases,” said Feather.””

    This is EXACTLY what Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah is not only advocating, THEY ARE DOING.

    Best Friends has animals left at the shelter gates every day. BF calls local animal control to euthanize them.

    They also turn down requests to help lovely, loving dogs that could be helped and placed in homes easily.

    INSTEAD Best Friends has decided to turn into a pit bull breeder and fighter lobbying organization.

    Space, resources, money, employees are taken up by the warehoused Vick pit bulls and other pit bulls.

    And lovely dogs DIE while Best Friends expends so much time and resources on pit bulls that STILL are not trustworthy, no matter what hyped stories they try to tell.

    In these years, think of all the “lovely dogs” that Best Friends condemned to DEATH so they could try to make money off Vick pit bulls and work as a marketing machine for the dog breeder lobby.

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