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9 thoughts on “Explanation: The Policy of Not Adopting Out Fighting Dogs

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  1. I’d like to make one more comment on the ethical issues surrounding breeding and ownership of dogs created to kill other dogs.

    This country is now in the midst of a humane crisis the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades. The economic downturn that has devastated families and communities has resulted in an untold number of cats and dogs being abandoned. The foreclosure crisis has flooded shelters with animals whose owners can no longer care for them. Because of the increased number of limited admission shelters, (euphemistically called “no kill”), many shelters cannot accept the majority of animals brought in, so these dogs and cats are being abandoned in the streets.

    How do humane organizations justify the amount of resources being spent on programs promoting the adoption of pit bulls, while so many highly adoptable dogs are euthanized for lack of space? Why don’t these organizations concede that there are far too many pit bulls, and support mandatory spay and neuter of them? With resources so limited, and dogs being abandoned in the street, how can anyone justify the glut of pit bulls flooding shelters without admitting that something needs to be done?

    My second point is this….the damage a pit bull can do to another dog is devastating. My friend the dog walker pointed out, after telling me about a client whose dog required over $3000.00 worth of surgery after a pit bull attack, that if her dog were ever attacked and injured that badly, she would not have the money to pay the vet bills. How many families who are struggling financially might be faced with euthanizing a beloved family dog because they cannot afford the vet bills that result when the neighbors pitbull gets loose “just once”? How many people on fixed incomes will not be able to afford medical treatment when they are badly bitten while trying to save their dog from a pit bull attack?

    With the millions of highly adoptable dogs flooding shelters today, there is no moral or ethical reason why this country should continue to allow the breeding of dogs whose only real purpose is bloodsport. There is no benefit to society to allow this to continue, and the risks posed by allowing these dogs in our communities has proved to be too great. We need to send a message loud and clear to our elected officials….stop listening to the for-profit breeder lobby, and start protecting citizens and their pets.

  2. Dog fighters and dog fighter breeders are trying to push Best Friends and Nathan Winograd to declare that fighting dogs are ok.

    I think it’s along the lines of, if we all make believe these dogs don’t have problems, then dog fighting isn’t so bad is it? And dog fighters can GET THEIR DOGS BACK or shuffle them off to other fighters after they get busted, thanks to some dimwitted “rescue” that takes them in and places them

    I can’t believe that Best Friends is so desperate for donations and followers that they will take the bait, but they have, and are doing the dog fighters bidding.

    They are telling the naive souls that follow them to go out and put fighting dogs in families.

    It is a terrible thing to do.

  3. Here’s a story to make your blood boil;

    The dog that attacked the little girl, who was saved by the boy who put it in a choke hold? Its been given away to a pit bull lover, who saw its picture in the paper and just “fell in love with it”.

    I suppose it would be much harder to “fall in love” with one of the millions of dogs languishing in shelters who haven’t attacked a child and her small dog, huh? Can you just imagine what kind of sociopath reads an article in the paper about a dog attacking a child, and says to himself, “I just HAVE to have that dog!”

    And animal control GAVE the dog to this lunatic! These people have some sort of sick fetish over these animals. If you love pit bulls so much, and want to rescue one, why not find one that HASN’T attacked a child or other dog? This breed is a magnet for social misfits and degenerates.

  4. “Attacks by pit bulls frequently come without warning—unlike attacks by other dogs who often growl or bark first. “When a pit bull [is about to attack] he looks friendly and outgoing…. It’s not that recognizable,” says Sternberg”

    We see this in witness account after witness account of pit bull attacks. Witnesses and victims describe the behavior just like this.

    Also, Sue Sternberg has received threats, including death threats, from No Kill fanatics and aggressive dog breeders because she advocates behavior testing before placement, and won’t place dogs that bite.

    I have seen forums where these wackos directly have threatened her.

  5. “criminals involved in dogfighting rings may try to steal adopted fighting dogs.

    In some of these No Kill shelters, they are HANDING THE PIT BULLS OUT TO DOG FIGHTERS, with no questions asked and unaltered

    This was happening at the Philadelphia PACCA animal control that Nathan Winograd took over and set up to be No Kill (with a Best Friends affiliated director that he hand-picked.)

    PACCA got fired, but Winograd and his fanatics are trying to sue the state and FORCE them to do things like hand out aggressive dogs.

  6. “This breed is a magnet for social misfits and degenerates.”

    How true!
    Needy things, the type of neighbor that introduces themselves by wanting to borrow something.

  7. It’s so sadly true! Too bad social misfits aren’t attracted to the many dogs that are not aggressive and desperately need a home.

  8. My child spends alot of time in hospitals for health reasons. I would not allow a "rehabed" pitt to enter her room. The hospitals shouldn't allow them either. "Handbag" pups- ok, they don't rearrange your life when they bite. Shelters should put down pitts.

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