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9 thoughts on “School's Pet Pony Attacked and Killed by Vicious Dogs

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  1. I am appalled by yet another equine death to pit bulls! The dog owners have NO Shame. Why is it impossible for pit bull owners to speak the truth? This one states through an employee, or possibly his wife, “the dogs did not do it” (they were seen and shot DURING the attack). “The horse is alive” (the pony is clearly dead). “Yes, he is in the building” and moments later “no, he is not here”. The man is a convicted animal abuser just 11 days off probation. He runs a “convalescent home”, would you be comfortable leaving a family member in the care of this man?

    There is no justification in the horrible killing of an aged pony serving as the mascot for preschool children, just as in the deaths of a family pet in Apple Valley California (killed in her own stall) and several therapy mini horses in Texas, or a beloved barrel horse killed last year (killed in his own stall) the fine and equally beloved Arab mare in Michigan (killed in her own stall), there are so many others – too many to list. Check this site for “horse attacks”, this is not rare.

    Horse, pony, and other livestock attacks cost farmers and livestock owners dearly, both in the financial and emotional sense.

    A “responsible pit bull owner” would be overcome with shame and remorse. He would state to the media and to the owners of the mauled animals “I am truly sorry for the losses to you and your family (and to the school in this case). I will personally provide another pony, of your choice, while understanding that there can be no simple”replacement” of your beloved pony. I have turned this matter over to my insurance company for the damages caused.”

    Why is this so hard for pit bull owners to do? Pit bull owners prove over and over, they have no conscience.

  2. Very well stated. These horse attacks are terrible to hear about
    along with the great violence we continue to endure fom these dogs.

  3. The video of seeing this poor pony huddled in the pond and being coaxed out is absolutely heart wrenching and enraging.

  4. I haven’t even watched the video and I’m in tears! Oh, my Lord in heaven, is there something wrong with me that I don’t want to see? I fear it will haunt me. My heart aches for the pony and for their loss. I wonder how the owner would have reacted had it been a child, and it so easily could have been. I am just so outraged at the callousness of pitters.

  5. Thanks for the above link, Anonymous. Another cowardly irresponsible pit bull owner slinks off with “Sweetums” while the horse owner is left with the vet bills and the dead horse.

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