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2 thoughts on “Seattle Area Groups Mobilizing for Pit Bull Restrictions

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  1. “Dog bites will always be a risk, but it’s possible to reduce their numbers and severity.” It’s never been about dog bites, it’s always been about severe attacks.

    “A Seattle P-I computer analysis early this year showed that pit bulls form a disproportionate share of problems, but they are still only about one-fifth of all dogs who bring warnings or citations of owners.” One fifth? Is that all? There are only 160 breeds of dog out there! One fifth is a lot! How many does it have to be until they feel something should be done?

    “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics have found pit bull attacks to be the cause of seven or eight fatalities annually, about a third of all dog-bite deaths in the country.” Why are they using old statistics instead of reporting that pit bull killed over 20 people last year alone? I guess it’s easy to backup your point of view when you cherry pick information.

  2. I don’t live in Seattle but for heavens and safety sake just do a little research. This includes the paper. Breed specidic laws have and DO make a difference. The entire State of Ohio has breed specific laws on pits. Denver, San Francisco, Little Rock, Ak. many many cities can tell you this makes a difference. Over 200 cities and growing in the U.S. The cities are large, and small, Liberal and Conservative. They just want their citizens to be safe and they have! Look at their stats! Paper do some research!

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