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5 thoughts on “Man's Dog Nabbed for 'Bait Dog' in Center, Texas

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  1. The Pit Bull community has been systematic cruelty for centuries and it continues today. Even the so called “responsible owners” are bringing dogs into neighborhoods which are likely to kill the neighbor’s dog.

    Of course, then you have the human scalps, limbs and lives which are collateral damage of the fighting breed fancy.

  2. No wonder Texas is the Pit Bull mauling capital of the world!

    No one in the trailer park had an inkling of what was going on and reported this BS?

  3. You can’t help but feel for this man. I’m so sorry this happened. Texas is ripe for this state to get rid of their non breed specific state law. Someone in Texas needs to find out who sponsored that legislation and go have a talk with them—It’s hideous how this state law has negatively affected human beings and animals. There are terrible fighting dogs by different names Presa Canario, Doggo Argentino,etc. part of the Molosser group of dogs that are sure welcome in Texas. Somebody out there listen! All fighting dogs banned!

  4. If the Law enforcement in Center, Texas would do their job this could have been prevented. Center, Texas is a very bad place to live. Don’t expect the Local Police or Sheriffs offices to do anything.

  5. Long ago I debated a pit bull fancier and dogfighting apologist on an internet message board. She insisted up and down that NO dogs or other pets are ever stolen as "bait animals"…that it's just an urban myth made up by anti-dogfighting folks.

    Gee, another dogfighting fan caught in a lie…

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