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2 thoughts on “Girl Steps Off School Bus and Attacked by Pit Bull

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  1. The dog, Angel, busted its leash and attacked the little girl without provocation, said an offense report from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

    Dog agression studies have shown that Pit Bulls are 14 times more likely than other breeds to break containment and attack.

    They are not safe with normal containment measures. The nutters will always argue that it is “The Owner”. Bull Spit! ..Any dog that breaks a leash to get a kid has no place in society.

  2. Once again, the fundamental question remains….who is breeding pit bulls? Can you find significant numbers of breeders creating sound, healthy dogs,marketing them as loving family pets? Whose only interest is the betterment of the breed? Who only breed titled dogs, with proper health screenings like OFA? Who interview and screen prospective puppy buyers carefully, and have a contract that stipulates s/n of non-show dogs, and an agreement to take the dog back at any time if the owner can’t keep it?

    The answer is, finding an APBT breeder that fits the description of a responsible breeder is nearly impossible. Its the one argument that the pro-pit lobby doesn’t have a come back for…..all the talk about the dogs being non-aggressive, blah, blah blah…the dogs are most definitely being bred for aggression today, that fact can be proven and quantified.

    These are domesticated animals, selectively bred for dominance, high prey drive, gameness/tenacity, and brute strength. They have become legal weapons. There is no logical reason not to regulate the breeding of these dogs, the only people who would be effected would be the criminals and lowlifes who breed them.

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