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2 thoughts on “Prosecutors Build Case Against Gary Firefighter

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  1. Another update:

    Convicted on 22 counts.

    Note to Chiefs, City Managers, and all concerned: This firefighter’s behavior highlights the necessity of thorough back ground checks and an ongoing awareness of character. Such events do not occur in a vacuum, even if the crime is committed off duty and away from quarters. It is improbable that no one else was aware of this person’s activities while off duty.

    Pre-employment histories typically investigate every aspect and interests of individuals being considered for employment. If our departments and districts are to maintain the integrity required of police & fire personnel, we cannot fail this step. Please pay particular attention to any applicant in possession of a pit bull and let history supply your caution. What’s more, rely on your own experience and consider how many applicants have failed academy or probation, who also happened to be pit bull owners. (IMHO, this may even be worthy of a larger personnel study, perhaps through a JPA survey.)

    This should never have happened, and most certainly should never happen again.

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