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7 thoughts on “Nanny Rips Baby Girl From Jaws of Coyote

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  1. Apparently, coyotes are safer than Pit Bulls….they never had their self preservation instincts bred out of them by neanderthal dog fighters.

  2. I would take my chances with the coyote over a pit bull any day…..a wild canid is simply out to survive. The coyote saw the child as food; but when faced with an adult human fighting back, the coyote ran away.

    Contrast that to a pit bull attack….man has perverted the behavior of this domestic dog to the point where it will sustain life threatening injury and still continue to attack. These dogs often attack for no known reason..they are well fed family pets.

    You are a lot safer with the coyotes in your neighborhood than with pit bulls.

  3. That’s right! And coyotes are shot on sight, even animal lovers don’t like them. They might snatch a child or another dog. They pose a huge risk to livestock, such as goats, pigs and ponies too. Those darn pit bulls, or excuse me, I mean coyotes.

  4. We thin coyotes as needed, without a lot of fuss. But an at large pit bull is a priority hunt.

  5. “I would take my chances with the coyote over a pit bull any day”

    Short of a polar bear or grizzly bear, I would take my chances with ANY other wild predator on the north american continent over a pit bull!

  6. Coyotes are massacred en masse for far fewer infractions. Coyote attacks on humans are extremely rare. Yet only few of us complian when they are poisoned, shot from helicopters, leghold-trapped, gassed, and more. The pit bull gets it easy and many still complain!

  7. Poor coyotes!
    I would complain if I knew about the extermination of coyotes and lived in the US.

    Wild animals have as much right as we do to live on this earth. We took over their natural environment and filled it with farms and cities! Where are they supposed to go?

    Being human doesn't give us the right to exterminate every other species!

    But pit bulls are unnatural and shouldn't exist.

    Please exterminate pit bulls. They are a danger to natural wildlife as well as human kind.

    I would support farmers to go out and shoot the pit bulls in their area.

    Probably a lot of livestock attacks are blamed on coyotes when actually its loose dogs.

    Coyote becomes a scapegoat for marauding pits.

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