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8 thoughts on “To Save Lab, Woman Bites Pit Bull on Nose

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  1. “Frances, apparently a stray, was waiting for a no-kill shelter to pick her up.”


    it was my son’s dog.
    it’s my room mate’s dog.
    it’s my boyfriend’s dog.
    it’s a friend’s dog, it was just staying here for a couple of days.
    it’s my neighbor’s dog, i just walk it.
    it’s a stray dog, i was just feeding it…
    blah blah blah.
    lame ass excuses!!
    if you are in possession and control of a dog, it’s behavior is just as much YOUR responsibility as the OWNER of the dog!!!
    if you get in a car accident with someone else’s car, you don’t blame THE CAR OWNER!

  2. I can understand how euthanizing dogs can wear down a person. These animal control personnel seem to be suffering from Kennel Blindness.

  3. The dogs were stored in a vacant house because they were not pets….that’s what people do who are training the dogs for dogfighting. Very common in urban areas were dogfighting is prevalent.

  4. I have an idea…why don’t I go to my kitchen, pick up a big butcher knife, and run out the front door and down the street, screaming and lunging at my neighbors, while threatening them and their children with the knife! Then I could count to ten and wait for the police to come, arrest me, and throw my a*s in jail, or perhaps in the locked psychiatric unit of our local hospital. I would not be allowed home the next day, even if I had all my rabies shots, because I would be deemed a threat to the public.

    Or I could simply get a pit bull, who jumps over the fence “just once”, terrorizes the neighbors, bites several people, including children. I would possibly receive a small fine, and the dog would be returned the next day, so long as it had its shots.

    I think I have just discovered a legal way to commit murder! The dog did it! I’m off the hook!!!!

  5. Bull’s-eye! You nailed it!

    Dog liability laws are so bad, that over the past 30 years, criminals have caught on. Furthermore, in many states “on-property” attacks carry neither civil nor criminal recourse. This is why when you read about a guy’s “girlfriend” being torn to shreds by pit bulls, there are never criminal charges. Not to mention the niece or nephew that was invited over for a family affair and ended up getting mauled, and sometimes to death.

    Dangerous dogs on-property? A certifiable way to commit legal murder in most states. Dangerous dogs off-property? These laws also are not hard to evade.

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