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5 thoughts on “Three Pit Bulls Maul Boy in Tivoli, Texas

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  1. Usually, the fewer the details, the worst the mauling. I can’t believe this boy is still alive. I will NOT imagine what his injuries are. I have limitations to my brain when it comes to human suffering. 3 pit bulls on a young child — one that was so hyped it needed 3 shots from a tranquilizer gun?

    I can only pray for this child.

  2. Once again….sounds like his family were back yard breeders. We are talking about 12 pit bulls on the property? That’s a breeding operation.

    Another child who could have been saved simply by passing mandatory spay and neuter laws. Lets take the financial incentive out of breeding these dangerous animals. We could save lives.

  3. It’s interesting to note….a little noticed statement on the venerable Bad Raps website…..they state that “if indoor accomodations are not possible” you can keep your pit bull in an “outdoor kennel run” or “well designed cable tie out”.

    Huh? Who gets a pet dog, a companion animal, if they don’t have “indoor accomodations” for it? Why would it be OK to house your pit bulls outside? I thought they were pets?

    Evidently, the organization hailed for promoting responsible pit bull ownership advocates the chaining of dogs…they do not condemn the concept of the “outdoor dog”. In my entire lifetime, I have NEVER heard of any legitimate breed specific rescue organization that does not condemn the practice of keeping pet dogs outside.

    I believe this small statement on the website is meant to send the quiet message to the dogmen and bybers that it’s OK..we don’t want to alientate you, we need you to help us fight BSL. We know how you raise your dogs, we’ll just look the other way.

    Monica, breeders and hunters aren’t the only ones fighting laws to stop dog chaining…I guess pit bull “rescue” organizations, don’t really want to rescue dogs from the physical and psychological cruelty of chaining.

  4. And this child also may not have met such a horrific situation had there been an anti-chaining law in effect. I give you 20 to 1 these pits, like so many others, were chained by the neck 24/7, left to suffer and grow neurotic and aggressive in their “owner’s” yard. States and cities are finally passing laws against perpetual chaining — a horrific habit from a bygone era — but breeders and hunters are pushing hard to keep dogs ON chains. Learn more at

  5. Actually Monica, as the video states, only one dog was chained. The rest were loose.

    Watch the video.

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