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3 thoughts on “Pit Bull Finally Quarantined After 6-Day Search

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  1. Classic blame the victim and persecution complex.

    Like an electric fence is going to stop a prey driven Pit Bull…Police tasers barely even work on them!

    It’s becoming clear that someone who brings this breed home has already given the neighborhood the finger…. These comments shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  2. I think Koller needs to work on her story. The thing about working electric fences is they do a fair job of keeping unwanted guests out, perhaps better than keeping a determined dog in. And if her, “dog is not one to go after people,” what difference would any claim about an electric fence make? Any particular individual’s pit bull never bites – we get it. And why pay medical bills if you’re skeptical your dog is the culprit?

    Note to pit bull owners: Please don’t mix personal theories or perform acts, like paying someone’s medical bills, with statements from the ‘Official Pit Bull Owners Play Book,’ Chapter 1, ‘The Art of Dodging Responsibility,’ as this frequently leads to an implosion of credibility.

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