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3 thoughts on “Father Arrested After Pit Bull Bites Daughter

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  1. I wonder what effect it would have if child abuse and child endangerment laws were applied to parents who knowingly bring aggressive guarding or fighting breeds into their homes that end up mauling their children?

    Can anyone honestly say that they had no idea a pit bull could hurt a child? I know that family dog bites happen, for a variety of reasons, but to have a child end up dead or permanently disfigured because someone brought a pit bull home…..I think it’s a reach for a parent to claim “they had no idea” the dog could harm the child.

  2. They’ll all deny knowingly bringing a dangerous creature into their home for legal reasons. That’s why the Pit Advocates dedicate so much energy obsfucating the damage this breed causes….plausible deniability.

    What got this child neglector busted was the previous bite incident.

  3. it is an absolute outrage that a dog that has been declared dangerous is allowed to live in another community.
    one unprovoked bite and you’re dead-no exceptions.

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