2007 Dog Bite Fatality: Scott Warren, 6, Killed by Family Pit Bull

Family Pit Bull Kills Boy Dallas, TX - A 6-year-old boy was mauled to death by a family pit bull at his home in the Pleasant Grove neighborhood. Dallas police Sgt. Gil Cerda said that Scott Warren was inside his home when the family's 1-year old dog suddenly attacked him in the 1900 block of Prichard Lane. The boy died while en route to Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas. At the time of the attack, his mother was outside, Sgt. Cerda said. "When she came in, she saw the dog mauli… [Read full blog post]

2007 Dog Bite Fatality: Tina Marie Canterbury Killed by Her Two Pit Bulls

Middleburg Woman Dies Middleburg, FL - A 42-year-old woman was fatally mauled by her two pit bulls, which also attacked the victim's son and a sheriff's deputy before both dogs were shot and killed, according to the Clay County Sheriff's Office. Tina Marie Canterbury was dead when deputies arrived at the scene. During the attack the other brother called 911 -- the dogs could be heard in the background. "We have two full-blooded red-nosed pits and they just attacked our mom. We… [Read full blog post]