History Channel Airs Segment of Double Fatal Attack; Images of Dogs Shown

From left: The 4 dogs depicted in the MonsterQuest episode (click to enlarge). Images of Attacking Dogs UPDATE 07/25/09: We were able to take screenshots from the MonsterQuest episode that showed the four dogs involved in the deadly attacks that took the lives of Cheryl Harper and Edward Gierlach. The director of the Livingston County Animal Control department, Anne Burns, identified the dogs as American bulldogs and American bulldog-mixes. The pit bull underpinnings,… [Read full blog post]

A Pit Bull with an 'Unknown' Background Presents Huge Risk

From left: Jisseth Moquete, Jonathan Hall and Rocky the pit bull. Young Girl Attacked Charlotte, NC - It was reported on Thursday that a 9-year old girl was attacked by a pit bull under circumstances that all parents must be made aware of. A neighbor, Jonathan Hall1, had been given the adult-sized pit bull one day earlier "for free" and was attempting to sell the dog to the girl's family. When Jisseth Moquete tried to pet the dog, it suddenly bit her in the face. Jisseth's brother s… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bulls Break Through Window to Attack 18-Year Old Woman Walking Dog

From left: Peanutt, Ashely Muir, one pit bull owned by Craig Lick and Lick himself. One Dog Euthanized UPDATE 08/11/09: One of the pit bulls that attacked Ashley Muir and killed her young dachshund named Peanutt last month will be euthanized. At a Monday hearing at Hudsonville's 58th District Court, a judge ruled that Riddick, a 5-year-old pit bull terrier owned by Craig Lick, would be destroyed. Witnesses said Riddick was the aggressor in the attack that began when the dogs b… [Read full blog post]

ESPN's 'Outside the Lines' Looks at Vick's Impact on Dogfighting

Dogfighting Raids Double ESPN - Michael Vick was released from federal custody Monday, with the 23-month sentence for his role in a Virginia dogfighting operation expiring. On Sunday, ESPN's Outside the Lines took an in-depth look at the impact of the Vick case on dogfighting. One professional "dog man" known as Victor Lopez appeared in shadow only and told ESPN's Mark Schwartz that Vick's arrest "devastated" the dogfighting business. "I'm a professional dog man," Lopez… [Read full blog post]