After Catch Pole and Pepper Spray Fail, Gunshot to the Head Stops Pit Bull

R.I.P. Caesar Kirksville, MO - A pit bull named Caesar recently broke through his owner's screen door to chase another dog. Next, the animal approached a letter carrier with a "wagging" tail. Caesar then launched an attack on letter carrier Danny Pagliai who suffered multiple bites to his arm and received multiple stitches. According to the dog's owner, Niki Parrish, this type of behavior is "totally out of character" for Caesar. She also blamed the unprovoked attack on the… [Read full blog post]

Pennsylvania Towns Seek Pit Bull Laws; Must Lift State Anti-BSL Measure

Ransom is Euthanized UPDATE 07/30/09: The owner of Ransom, Oliver Yawn, called the dog "vicious" and surrendered it to the state to be euthanized. Yawn said he "didn't want to deal with the BS" of obtaining thousands of dollars in liability insurance and appearing in court. He also blamed the attack on the sound of the landscaper's weed whacker. Yet a week earlier, the dog broke through the home's 6-foot wooden fence and chased 21-year old Amanda Gray, who was not utilizing any… [Read full blog post]

Has Anyone Ever Been Charged with Armed Robbery By Cocker Spaniel?

We Didn't Think So Greensburg, PA - As demonstrated by numerous U.S. press reports -- which date back to 1983 -- pit bulls are frequently used as "deadly weapons" by criminals to inflict injurious attacks on people and to carry out felonious crimes. This is unquestionably due to the pit bull's "killer bite." One does not read headlines, "Armed Robbery by Cocker Spaniel" or "Man Charged with Rape and Deadly Chihuahua Attack of Sisters," because these dog breeds were not geneti… [Read full blog post]