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12 thoughts on “Standing Ovation for McCune Mayor for Shooting Dogs

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  1. Accommodating a scary dog
    Wellfleet is bending over backwards to accommodate a scary dog and its owner. The pit bull named Aries will be staying in town after all. The selectmen banished the dog in the fall for running loose unmuzzled on at least eight occasions, terrifying a skateboarder and jogger when he chased after them.

    The ban was upheld in December by the court and then appealed, with a death sentence for the dog one option open to the presiding judge. But there has been an accommodation. The owner gets to keep his pet on condition that the dog be neutered, confined to a fenced area approved by the town, and otherwise leashed and muzzled.

    Bending over backwards AGAIN, after the dog was cited for running loose 8 times…

  2. “department did respond, but the situation did not improve”

    This is where the laws need to change. After x number of warnings, the DOGS ARE SEIZED by authorities.

    What is the point of “warning” over and over again if the dog owner refuses and endangers the community?

    These criminal dog owners are ruling the community, instead of the other way around.

  3. Thank God I live in an area where a call to the Sheriff’s Dept. to complain about loose dogs will result in advice to “handle it,” and a referal to a game officer who may even supply assistance with snares, etc.

    And a call to the Sheriff’s Dept. to complain about a dog being shot results in a couple of questions: 1. Was the dog running loose? 2. If you didn’t want your dog shot, how come you allowed it to run loose?

    Take a lesson, Kansas!

  4. Banishing a dog out of town should be illegal, all it does is irresponsibly schuffle the dog to a unaware community instead of dealing with the problem.

  5. Who are the “authorities” who are harassing this mayor and protecting the dog OWNER, who is a criminal?

  6. I am a bicyclist and motorcyclist, and I am terribly afraid of loose dogs. One tried to attack me 2 days ago. I think if your dog is OUT of your yard, and in the road and attacks a bicyclist, shooting it should be hailed as heroic, and the dog owner should have to pay for any injuries to people that weren't even on the dog owners yard.

    Charging the man with "animal cruelty" esp a felony is pure BS. Leash them or lose them!

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