Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Blogger Torn between two nutters  |  3/25/2010 6:23 PM  |  Flag  
The great thing is that the Pit breeding community isn't paying taxes and consumes the lion share of A/C resources.


Blogger cravendesires  |  3/26/2010 7:47 PM  |  Flag  
Now we just sit back and wait for Brent Toellner to steal your hard work again.

Blogger Nic Giraffe  |  3/29/2010 5:58 PM  |  Flag  
This is off-topic, but has anyone caught this video of a pit bull mix demolishing the bumper of a police car:

It's scary to imagine a dog doing this to a human or animal...

Blogger bitbypit  |  3/29/2010 7:59 PM  |  Flag  
It gained such wide media coverage that we elected not to create a blog post about it. Though it is listed on our "Attack Videos" page.

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