Pit Bull 'Berserks,' Attacks Three, Traps Fleers Inside Dog's Home

Dog was "Possessed" Orrville, OH - In another pit bull berserking incident,1 the animal bolted from a home just to attack a group of children. Before the episode was over, three people were bitten and a group fleeing the dog was left trapped inside the pit bull's home2 until police arrived. 10-year old Kamaria Simpson suffered the worst injuries requiring 5 hours of surgery and hundreds of stitches to close the many facial and scalp wounds inflicted by the dog. The pit bull also… [Read full blog post]

Boy, 8, Nearly Killed by Pit Bull in Warren, Michigan; Also Mauled by Pit Bull at Age 3

Felony Charge UPDATE 08/25/10:Two weeks after a near fatal pit bull mauling, Khalil Rocks still cannot walk. His mother Deanna Rocks, however, is pleased that authorities are charging the pit bull owner with a felony. "He's scarred for life," Rocks said. "Some type of punishment needs to be dealt with." On August 26, Jenny Angel, 31, was arraigned on one count of harboring a dangerous animal causing serious injury -- a 4-year felony. She pleaded not guilty and her bond was set… [Read full blog post]

Same Pit Bulls Attack Billings Victim 2 Separate Times

Dog Owner Cited (Again) UPDATE 04/18/09: The Billings Gazette article has been updated. As the result of the second attack, Justin Lingle faces two more charges of dangerous behavior, in addition to a new round of medical bills for the victim Wesley Fuchs. Lingle was cited in the previous incident, but the case has not yet gone to court. In that case, Lingle was allowed to keep the dog until a judge ruled. On Friday, Lingle released both pit bulls to animal control to be euthanize… [Read full blog post]