Progress Report: Only 3 Vick Dogs from Best Friends Adopted in 35 Months

Dismal Results Jackson, MS - The Clarion-Ledger recently published an article about the adoptability of pit bulls seized in dogfighting operations. Ledy VanKavage of Best Friends is quoted in the article. The Ledger took an interest in dogfighting after the February mauling death of Anastasia Bingham, which involved at least one fighting pit bull, an uncooperative family and a Grand Jury that assigned no charges in her death. In June, Hinds County adopted a pit bull law.1… [Read full blog post]

'Yard Accident' at Best Friends Involving Two Vick Dogs Leaves Third Dog Dead

Beans Identified UPDATE 10/13/10: Late last night, a person sent us information about Beans. The dog's web page is still in Google Cache. Beans is a pit bull and what dogfighters call a cur. The person also pointed us to a website, Best of Friends, Worst of Friends, that further details Saturday's incident and possibly why Best Friends went public with information. The website dings Tug as the aggressor. Beans was allegedly found dead in his dog run, no match for the "Victory Pi… [Read full blog post]

Collection of Best Friends Animal Society Related Posts -

Best Friends shamelessly "merchandised" the Vick dogs after receiving them. - We've gathered a collection of posts that relate to our coverage of Utah-based fighting dog advocates, Best Friends Animal Society. The collection includes distinct posts pertaining to Best Friends, as well as posts about "rehabilitating" fighting dogs, Michael Vick's pit bulls, the National Football League and professional athletes with "pit bull problems." We've also inc… [Read full blog post]

Best Friends and Activists Hold Vigil Sporting 'Wildside Kennels' Caps

From left: Pamela Hay of Best Friends, possibly Hay in related news video clip. Extreme ParadoxWilkes County, NC - Last week in Wilkes County, animal activists, including the North Carolina Chapter of Best Friends, held a vigil in front of the General Assembly hoping to change minds and give pit bulls seized in dogfighting raids a chance to be rehabilitated. The vigil comes several weeks after Wilkes County euthanized 145 game-bred pit bulls -- despite Best Friends' effort… [Read full blog post]

Rescued Fighting Dog Bites Young Woman in the Face After Sex

Pit Bull Attack TriggerBristol, NJ - Back in January, it was reported that a rescued fighting dog (AKA pit bull), bit a young woman in the face just after she and her boyfriend had sex. Unfortunately, we now have to add the act of sex as a pit bull attack trigger. The incident occurred last November. The dog named Reds, was reportedly born into a dogfighting ring, rescued before he ever scrapped, then quarantined for nine months. He was later adopted by the boyfriend's father, Wil… [Read full blog post]

Best Friends Steps into the Ed Faron Dogfighting Bust to 'Save' Unstable Dogs

Flooding County Inboxes UPDATE 01/22/09: Prior to the release of the Journal Now news article, Best Friends created a web page encouraging readers to contact the Wilkes County Board of Commissioners, County Attorney Tony Triplett and District Attorney Tom Horner and ask them to accept Best Friends' offer of assessing and rehabilitating Faron's dogs so that they can be adopted into homes. This has surely caused a deluge of non-constituent, pro-pit bull emails sent to Wilk… [Read full blog post]