Pit Bull 'Redirects' Attack onto Owner in Greeley, Colorado

Home-Quarantine Greeley, CO - It was reported yesterday that a man was walking his pit bull, when another dog appeared in a neighbor's window. The pit bull grew so agitated that it could not attack the unreachable dog that it "redirected" the attack upon its owner. The man was taken to North Colorado Medical Center and treated for numerous cuts and bites on his forearms and hands. The kicker is that the man then opted to "home quarantine" his dog after the attack. "A Greeley man wa… [Read full blog post]

Elkhart Pit Bull Owner May Suffer Amputation After 'Redirected' Attack

Owner Keeps Arm After Attack UPDATE 02/19/09: It was reported today that Scott Sands was released from the hospital on Tuesday. A friend told reporters that during his stay, he underwent surgery every 48-hours to repair deep wounds to both arms. Although the amputation of one arm was contemplated, it was ultimately avoided. The friend said that 47-year old Sands can now lift both arms and move his fingers enough to feed himself. No other information was provided. The questio… [Read full blog post]