Sports Columnist Michael Felger Blasts Pit Bull Owners and 'Nutty Dog Crowd'

Takes on "Possessed" Furries Boston, MA - On Monday, sports columnist and commentator, Michael Felger, wrote a column titled, "NFL Dogged by Pit Bull Problem." He begins his piece by saying that pit bull owners fall into two categories: "Creeps. Or Imbeciles." He then talks about the recent attack involving James Harrison's pit bull that sent Harrison's young son to the hospital for a week. Felger rightly calls Lisa Ripi an "imbecile" for telling reporters after the attack… [Read full blog post]

Professional Athletes and Pit Bulls: Dogfighting, Abuse and Violent Attacks

The Athlete-Pit Bull Connection - A 2007 New York Times article written by Selena Roberts comments on the NFL's pet problem. The scene, she writes, has become the "puppy mill for pit-bull lore." It's hardly a leap to understand why football players closely identify with pit bulls, the ultimate canine warrior. Rhonda Evans, a University of Louisiana-Lafayette professor, is also quoted in the article: "[Pit bulls] fight to the death...Turning away is conside… [Read full blog post]