Pit Bull Bends Metal Catch Pole Before Strangling Self to Death in Noose

Uncooperative Owner UPDATE 02/18/09: After his pit bull violently attacked his mother, Lorrie Ellis, causing severe injury on February 8, Jeffrey J. Kirlin, 25, has refused to meet with investigators. According to a Humane Society statement issued today, investigators have asked the city prosecutor to issue an arrest warrant for Kirlin. Official intend to cite Kirlin on suspicion of not having proper license and vaccination on the dog, as well as insurance, which is a ne… [Read full blog post]

Another Pit Bull Strangles Self to Death in Catch Pole Noose

Taser Fire Does Nothing Country Club Hills, IL - Two days after the dramatic Omaha attack that involved a severely injured victim, several firefighters, a bent metal catch pole and a thrashing pit bull, another pit bull strangled itself to death in a catch pole noose. The question is, "How common is this?" Thankfully, the most recent victim did not endure serious injuries. Also note that police officers were able to stop the Labrador, but were unable to stop the pit bull after s… [Read full blog post]