Pit Bull Continues Attacking After Being 'Run Over' by Police Cruiser

Two Pit Bulls ShotGlendale, AZ - It was reported Monday that Glendale police shot and killed two pit bulls after the dogs tried to attack a boy and the officers. In addition to pit bulls being able to withstand multiple shots from a police handgun or shotgun; heavily beaten by baseball bats; repeatedly stabbed with a two-prong barbecue fork or thrown off a six-story roof; pit bulls are so pain intolerant1 that even being run over by a 4,020 pound police vehicle will not stop a pit b… [Read full blog post]

After Catch Pole and Pepper Spray Fail, Gunshot to the Head Stops Pit Bull

R.I.P. Caesar Kirksville, MO - A pit bull named Caesar recently broke through his owner's screen door to chase another dog. Next, the animal approached a letter carrier with a "wagging" tail. Caesar then launched an attack on letter carrier Danny Pagliai who suffered multiple bites to his arm and received multiple stitches. According to the dog's owner, Niki Parrish, this type of behavior is "totally out of character" for Caesar. She also blamed the unprovoked attack on the… [Read full blog post]

Police Shoot Aggressive Pit Bull Three Times with 'Double-Ought' Buckshot

Survives Shot to the Head Mineral Wells, TX - A police officer was forced to shoot an aggressive pit bull multiple times with a shotgun after two pit bulls attacked Edward Lew while he was riding his bike. Mineral Wells Chief of Police Mike McAllester said the June 3 incident was not the first problem with pit bulls in the area. Though he said it was "typical" of the breed. "Anytime you have to shoot a dog three times with double-ought buckshot, that’s an indication of how vicious th… [Read full blog post]

11 Bullets Required by Oak Ridge Officer to Kill Aggressive Pit Bull

Gets Up After 6 BulletsOak Ridge, TN - An Oak Ridge police officer was forced to shoot an aggressive pit bull 11 times after the dog attacked and critically injured another dog. Animal control officer Don Russell responded to the initial call, but then called the Police Department for "dispatch" help. Russell found the pit bull covered in blood in the back yard of 121 Wellington Circle, standing over the other dog. The injured dog, which Russell believed to be dead, was lying on… [Read full blog post]