Man Erects Large Pit Bull Warning Sign After His Dog is Attacked

From left: Rock Ward, his warning sign, Trouble and it's owner, Collins Tully. A Brewing FeudTyler, TX - In what may turn into a long standing feud between neighbors, a man named Rock Ward recently erected a large wooden sign alerting residents to two nearby pit bulls. Ward created the sign after one of Collins Tully's1 two pit bulls, Trouble,2 attacked his own dog Wolfgang. Collins used a typical Maul Talk response after the incident saying, "dogs are dogs." (Pit bull owners o… [Read full blog post]

Son of Rosie Humphreys Starts Campaign to Ban Pit Bulls in Flora

From left: Bob Koehler's sign and his now dead mother Rosie Humphreys. Son Demands Change Flora, IL - Two weeks after 85-year old Rosie Humphreys was mauled to death by a pit bull, her son Bob Koehler erected a sign in his yard reading: "Ban Pit Bulls." Rosie was killed by a loose pit bull while walking her two poodles. The pit bull owned by Brian Pennington struck down Rosie and one of her dogs. Police Chief John Nicholson blamed the attack on the failure of the "D" ring attached to th… [Read full blog post]